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Using Entity Framework Core? Tag Your Queries!

If you're using Entity Framework Core, you should be tagging your queries to help with troubleshooting both in application logs and at the Database layer. We'll explore how to do that in this post.

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Reflections on KCDC

Attending an in-person conference after a year and a half away was a different experience, but KCDC made it great

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Why I'm Not Speaking at PASS Summit This Year (But You Should)

I'm not speaking at PASS Summit this year, but you should consider submitting a talk

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A New Blog Site!

Introducing my new blog site!

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Handling Flexible Search Needs Using Stored Procedures and Dapper

In this post, I detail how to use Stored Procedures and Dapper to handle flexible search needs in .NET and SQL Server.

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Logging Generated SQL in Entity Framework (and Core)

Curious about how to log generated SQL in Entity Framework? Take a look at this post that outlines how to do just that in Entity Framework and EF Core

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Entity Framework Core Configuration Options

Entity Framework Core offers a ton of configuration options that are not immediately visible. In this post, I explore some of the most useful.

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