A New Blog Site!

Welcome to my new blog site

When I first put together my blog in late 2018/early 2019, I chose Wordpress since it enabled me to get going very quickly with low overhead. Over time, I've become more and more frustrated with the user experience and maintenance overhead that Wordpress brings (not to mention the Azure bill). At the same time, I've been reading more about static site generation, and the benefits it can bring to small sites like mine.

After a false start at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic with Metalsmith, I decided to try Next.js, and, here we are! This blog is built on Next.js using TypeScript, Bootstrap, and Font Awesome Pro. I can't say enough about the development experience that Next.js offers, and its tutorial teaches really useful concepts.

I can't promise that I will be better at updating on a regular basis, but I will try.

Thanks for reading!

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